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           Shenzhen Rongdaxin Power Technology Co. Ltd. was founded more than 20 years (predecessor was founded in 1996 in Dongguan City, Rongda electroplating equipment factory), the company through the ISO9001:2008 international quality management system certification version, is the production of electroplating power supply, electrolytic oxidation and electrophoresis power surface treatment based professional manufacturer of power supply. Based on the quality of the company, energy saving and environmental protection as the correct business philosophy, and strive to provide users with high performance, high efficiency, high reliability of the surface treatment power supply equipment.

             Our company has strong R & D team, products Export Southeast Asia, America, North America, Europe Countries And so on, With product price, customer service and After Sales service to win the majority of domestic and foreign customers trust.

              RDX-PWH series of high frequency switching power supply is the original development of our factory high frequency switching power supply. It is completely different from the previous work of power frequency controlled silicon rectifier. It is produced with low voltage and high current output through high voltage AC input rectifier filter - high voltage high voltage high frequency regulation -- low voltage high frequency rectifier, its working principle determines its efficiency and the power factor is higher than the silicon controlled rectifier converter of the power supply, power supply products become the first choice of many customers, the use of the power supply can obviously reduce production cost, improve product quality, compared with SCR power production, energy saving 20%-30% bring considerable economic benefits for the user. In addition, the power supply is small in size and light in weight (smaller than air cooling), so it is very easy to install and use, and it can save valuable production space for users.

           RDX-PWH series high frequency switching power supply of the main power of high frequency transformer selection of imported nanocrystals / ultra micro crystal, high magnetic conductivity material to do the magnetic core, its small size, high efficiency. High frequency and high power switching devices (IGBT), power drive module, three-phase bridge rectifiers are used for MITSUBISHI, Fuji, Ying Da, Ying Feiling Germany and other international brands, circuit board components all use well-known manufacturers of components.

             Our developed cooled high frequency electroplating power unique (patented), better cooling effect, anti salt acidification, increase the service life of power supply in the harsh environment, stronger corrosion resistance, can greatly extend the power of life, at the same time in circulating water discharged without any pollution, can be recycled!

            RDX-PWH series of high frequency switching power supply protection function is complete with: input phase, under voltage, over heat, over current, short circuit protection, safe and reliable.

           RDX-SS-SR series of high frequency switching power supply and similar market general switching power supply has the following advantages:

1)  the full bridge phase shifted soft switch control mode, to maximize the elimination of switching stress, and the use of the world's new full bridge soft switching IC control, with automatic adjusting and setting the trigger pulse timing parameters to achieve IGBT function, the optimal switching time, the IGBT switching loss to a minimum, at the same time by self synchronization rectification drive function of IC, simplifies the synchronous rectification driving circuit. To make their work more stable and reliable.

2)  the use of advanced logic interlock control circuit, eliminating the impulse error, to overcome the short circuit of the bridge.

3)  to eliminate the bias magnetic problem, mainly in the following two aspects:

(1) the main transformer primary use of series capacitor

(2) to increase the bias magnetic automatic correction circuit

4)  the use of foreign imported MOS tube as two side rectifying devices, the use of special import of advanced and reliable synchronous rectifier module technology makes the high frequency switching power supply with low voltage and high current switch than common rectifier power supply efficiency is improved about 15%.