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Efficient service

Efficient service is a continuation of Rong Daxin on product quality pursuit. Rong Daxin founded the efficient and professional service system, to provide customers from design to installation and repair of the whole service process. Rong Daxin company equipment manufacturing experienced experts to provide "the most reasonable system design optimization of tailor" for customers, professional senior technical engineers to provide installation and repair services of high quality professional for customers. Our goal is to "refine on" product quality.

Customer support

Business consulting, With the user to provide the best equipment program

Manufacturing engineering and system design, Provide engineering guidance and quality supervision

Customer service

With rich experience and professional qualifications of the repair personnel, to provide professional repair service for customers, to ensure that through the use of repair technology, improve equipment operating efficiency, reduce the machine running cost.

Customer training

By senior engineers as customer training instructor, the scene on equipment operation and maintenance until the customer master. At the same time, Rong Daxin will provide product operation manuals, to help customers as soon as possible the full range of familiar with the equipment to use knowledge and skills.