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Management Model

Restrain our words and deeds with a civilized standard; 

Regulate our work with a set of standard procedures;

Supervise our behaviors with an established system;

Shape the enterprise image with the praise of customers. 

Operation Philosoph

People-oriented, Quality-based

Quality Policy

Everyone involved, All-links controlled, Quality-based, User satisfied

Core Philosophy

Enterprise Goal

To be domestically leading and world famous

Domestically leading: To lead the industry in culture, talent, technology and management. World famous: To occupy a big share over domestic market and win a higher rank over international market.

Enterprise Spirits

Refined, Sincere, Excellent, Innovate

Refined: Well designed, scientific construction, fined management and elaborate service;

“Sincere”: Honest, law-abiding, responsible, promise keeping, contract performing, win-win;

“Excellent”: Premium projects, quality service, outstanding character and fined image;

“Innovative”: Innovative in concepts, science and technology, management and systems.

Enterprise Philosophy

Big industry, Big school, Big family, Big stage

We will cultivate our competitive edge meticulously and stretch the industrial chain, to shape the industrial scale. We are people-oriented to improve the innovation ability through the construction of a study-oriented enterprise. Meanwhile, our enterprise provides a stage for our staff to give full play to their talent and enables our staff to realize their self value.

Enterprise Tenet

 Do the best, Deliver the best

The products manufactured should have certain professional difficulty and technology content; the products delivered should have excellent quality and satisfy the actual demands and potential demands of customers and the society.

Safety Concepts

Life foremost, Safety first

Safety production protects the life rights of people. Human safety should always go first to bring into play the safety production body’s initiative and creativity and protect the safety of our enterprise.

Stay away from corruption

Clean-fingered in conduct, dedicated for prosperity

The managerial staff should maintain the noble morality and stick to the bottom line of us humans; cherish post and devote to work, so as to run enterprises wholeheartedly