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Electroplating production line of the ratio of contrast

Time:2016-12-05 11:56Hits:685
We met a lot of customers, in the purchase of electroplating equipment for supplier selection, price, quality and design, the contrast is very serious, but I didn't buy a cost-effective equipment. The reason is because customers are not professional, will ignore many problems in technology and details, lead to the purchase of the equipment or the quality is not good, or the design defects, to the subsequent production hidden trouble, reduce the equipment cost, but also for some equipment supplier of organic can take. Here, we summarize the following matters needing attention, so that customers ordering equipment into the comprehensive one, buy quality, reasonable equipment.
1. Environmental protection electroplating equipment: This refers to the degree of control of harmful substances of electroplating equipment, electroplating and electroplating emissions to the environment noise pollution. This is a factor in the selection of electroplating equipment can not be ignored. The enterprises should choose the noise control in the protection of human health and hygiene standard, electroplating equipment management subsidiary of plating equipment and ancillary works or with the corresponding "three wastes".
Two. Complete electroplating equipment: electroplating equipment including single matching, matching and supporting the project. The enterprise should choose meet the technological requirements of electroplating equipment, a high degree of.
Three. Electroplating equipment flexibility: This refers to the degree of adaptation to the environment and working conditions, different processing object. The enterprise should choose a strong ability to adapt, and has a certain universal multifunctional plating equipment.
For example, a Taiwan funded enterprises lighting electrophoresis production line is a circle, and we saw very do not understand, in general such as electrophoresis production line will be designed by Jackie Chan door type, Longmen type electroplating production line equipment modification or adjustment convenient follow-up. For example, the development of new products to add some colors, if Longmen type electroplating production line the middle of several electroplating bath easily, or design can set aside several trough, production according to demand to adjust the PLC program on the line, very convenient. If the ring, want to add several trough in, will be very troublesome, no Longmen type adjustment flexibility. So, this kind of equipment at the beginning of design, we should consider the long-term, upgrading to later reserved space, the customer may not understand, but plating equipment manufacturers should give customers speak understand, for customers to consider, not to increase their profits, to sacrifice the interests of customers. Perhaps an order can earn tens of thousands of pieces, but the customer loss may be more than hundreds of thousands of.
Four. The economy of electroplating equipment: This refers to the electroplating equipment, less investment, bring new plating equipment and good economic benefit. Evaluation method of electroplating equipment economy are: through the comparison of the investment recovery period is the length of the payback period method to select the optimal; the plating equipment costs at a rate of interest for conversion, conversion method to select the optimal cost how much plating equipment expenses amount of comparison.
For example, a few years ago, the labor cost in China is still very low, the environmental protection requirements are not strict, enterprises with very little cost to purchase a set of manual production line, can produce considerable profit. The equipment investment can recover soon, the expansion of production is also very easy to. But in recent years, with the rise of commodity prices continued to rise, the workers wages, labor costs accounted for a large part of the product cost, coupled with the national requirements for environmental protection more and more strict, if we start manual production line, not only need a lot of workers to manual operation, low efficiency, high cost, serious waste, and no the supporting environmental protection facilities, there is always the danger of being seized by the environmental protection department. If the horse automatic plating production line, environmental protection facilities, waste gas and waste water treatment standards, greatly reduces the manual part, and has the advantages of high efficiency, stable quality, although the upfront investment will be very high, but the subsequent production of artificial cost is very low, and large output, high profit, operating properly equipment investment cost can recover soon. The EIA are standard, also do not have to worry about the environmental protection department inspection.
Five. The sense of beauty of electroplating equipment: refers to the comprehensive characteristics from the appearance point of view to study the feeling of electroplating equipment on human produced. Electroplating equipment strong aesthetic feeling can attract people's attention, is not easy to make people feel tired and depressed, can improve the work efficiency. Mainly includes: beautiful, harmonious, fresh, adhere to the people-oriented principle, accord with human relations.
The above factors, in the choice of electroplating equipment, the proposal must take all factors into consideration, to weigh the advantages and disadvantages, choose the best program for electroplating production line based on the comprehensive evaluation.