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Glue is declining galvanized save worry

Time:2016-12-05 11:56Hits:725
Huang Town Linzi district is located in the northeast corner, and the junction of Qingzhou City, Guangrao city. The special geographical position, make here once become a hotbed of soil of small polluting enterprises breeding. After the special rectification action after several small polluting enterprises, the soil here is almost extinct. However, new problems have emerged. Because the town with much land and few people, there are many abandoned kiln and brook large areas of farmland, these sites become a chemical waste dumping sites. The soil of small polluting enterprises have been rare, and these toxic chemical waste are still threatening the villagers health.
Pollution in the border village
In April 10th, the reporter in the rain came to the East Village Huang Town in Linzi district. The village is located at the eastern end of the town, and the border city of Qingzhou Zhu Liangzhen. Under the guidance of the villagers, the reporter found in the village of East abandoned factory in chemical waste dumping point. This is a huge garbage pool is composed of a plurality of pit, wherein a plurality of hole still has brownish red chemical waste.
The air humidity is big rain wet, but the reporter Station in Tai Hang the West Coast still could not cover your mouth and nose, and come near to almost impossible to breathe. A nearby brickyard worker told reporters, recently two or three years often have a car from discharging chemical waste in the night, "although the pit belongs to the boundary of Qingzhou, but we also suffer not shallow."
The reporter notices, worker tile factory is located in an abandoned factory, and there is only a waste pit slope separated, two places in a river. Go north along the river, go out less than 1 km, the reporters came to the village head Qian Xia Cun, also have a being chemical waste pit. Judging from the color, the chemical waste and the East Village on the chemical waste belong to the same kind of material, but the former seems low concentration.
Not far from the hole in the northeast, one about the size of a basketball court pit also have a large number of chemical waste, the waste is darker color, smell is more pungent pit barren, in stark contrast with the surrounding green wheat. From the slope Tai hang around, this is the artificial dug out.
Chemical waste claimed three lives
In April 13th 1 years ago at night, there are chemical waste pit had claimed the lives of 3 people.
"At that time the temperature is very high, we can smell the pungent smell in the village, and here is the cemetery, the village people rarely go." East Village in recalls, dumping of chemical waste into the village east pit phenomenon has appeared, but the first human life is the night in April 13, 2011, and once killed 3 people.
East Village brick factory workers told reporters, the night of the incident, a tanker truck in a car's lead down to the pit side, tank car tail toward the hole, after the vehicle is parked down several shadow, began dumping waste into the pit, "not too long car ran away, after the police came to us I know."
Originally, the two participated in the dumping of chemical waste in the pit side was poisoned and killed men, and men in another pit side by dumping of chemical waste is smoked.
In the former chemical waste from Xia Cun Cun Dong is different. Villagers told reporters, had a soil refinery near a few years ago pit, the first from a waste oil refining diesel, later changed to the refining of waterproof ointment, because there is no pollution control equipment, they will waste chemical poured in to dig oil pool.
"When the factory started a few people go to our village to them, so they don't affect the kinds of grain. They agreed, saying that does not affect the factory started, let us misery." The villagers told reporters, the soil refiners have changed hands many times, but the pollution condition never improved, "the boss is Qingzhou, then do not know what reason not stem, equipment are all away, waste has been nobody here."
Boundary problem does not talk clearly
Now although soil refining enterprises not in, but the health of the villagers, the crops are not subjected to the threat of chemical waste every hour and moment.
"Especially in the summer, hot weather can not open the window, if open the window, it taste sweet you can't sleep." Before the summer village Mr. Sun planted 2 vegetable greenhouses in the East Village, "now tomatoes still shed, so hot days back shed, sometimes the wind facing here, it had been gassed tomatoes." The villagers told reporters, distance per mu yield chemical waste pit near wheat was significantly lower than from the pit.
"The earlier town drinking groundwater, later I heard that the groundwater quality is not good, the unified security tap water." A villager told reporters before the summer village, many villagers are suspected of a variety of toxic chemical waste into the ground, eventually contaminated groundwater, there is no villagers drinking water.
In an interview with the reporter was informed, the dumping of chemical waste pits in a dried up river, known locally as the crony river.
East Village elderly villagers told reporters, crony river is a river, have been drying up for many years, the two sides of the Linzi and Qingzhou villagers began very early farming in the river, "although the border, but the dividing line is not clear, some river in Qingzhou, some river Linzi on shore, crops grow place right said, not the local people said that was not clear."
The individual soil of small polluting enterprises it is seen by the ambiguous zone, specifically to the site chosen in this place, to escape