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Positive and negative double pulse power supply

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Product parameters

Input voltage

Single-phase: AC220V 50/60HZ

Three phases AC380V

Output voltage


Output current


Output waveform

Unidirectional square wave

Direct current

Positive and negative square waves

Output frequency


Number of pulses


Operation interface

Touch screen man-machine control

Output display accuracy

4 digits

Time control

10 periods of time

Output control mode

Voltage stabilizing and current stabilizing states are optional (and limited in both directions)

Accuracy of steady voltage and steady current


Cooling mode

Air cooling type

Time control

0 ~ 10 period

Process storage


Historical data export

USB interface (Excel format)

Historical data display

Curve mode

Historical alarm record

Excel format

Duty cycle control


Additional functions


Multiple on-line control systems

Product features

1. RDX-DP series double pulse power supply can effectively improve the uniformity, flatness, dense crystallization, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and discoloration resistance of the coating surface.

2. The dual pulse power supply uses color touch screen man-machine interface display control, and the operation is simple, intuitive and convenient.

3. The touch screen man-machine interface has the functions of positive and negative pulse voltage or current setting, frequency setting, duty cycle setting, multi period time setting, etc.

4. The touch screen man-machine interface has the function of saving 100 processes and setting each process for 10 periods of time. Output voltage curve display, output current and voltage data acquisition and storage function, USB interface can export EXCEL format from USB flash disk.

5. The touch screen man-machine interface has external communication interface and is equipped with RS-485 (MODBUS Protocol) local control and remote control switching function.

6. The power supply host has the advantages of small volume, light weight, elegant appearance, convenient installation, safe use, anti-corrosion and durability.

7. The power supply has the protection functions of overheating, overcurrent, short circuit, undervoltage and overvoltage.

8. High power factor, stable output frequency, high control accuracy, high voltage and current output stability can effectively improve product quality.


Product use

1. Electroplating industry: applicable to precious metal electroplating and PCB electroplating. Precision surface treatment process for high-end products such as gold plating, silver, rhodium, palladium and iron.

2. Electric polishing and deburring industry: pulse electrochemical polishing, plasma plasma plasma polishing, etc.

3. Electrical processing industry: Pulse Electrochemical precision machining and precision etching are mainly used to process precision devices with high hardness.

4. Special industries: nano electrodeposition, precious metal electrolysis, etc.


About Positive and negative double pulse power supply

The positive and negative double pulse power supply is a kind of pulse power supply which can be reversed periodically. Compared with the traditional DC power supply, the dual pulse power supply is a pulse power supply whose output parameters such as positive and negative pulse waveform, frequency, duty cycle and average current density can be set according to the needs of users. After outputting a group of forward pulse current, the double pulse power supply introduces a group of reverse pulse current. The duration of forward pulse is long and the duration of reverse pulse is short. The highly uneven anode current distribution caused by large amplitude and short-time reverse pulse will strongly dissolve and level the convex part of the coating.

RDX-DP series positive and negative double pulse power supply can accurately control pulse parameters (peak value, average value, on, off time, pulse frequency and duty cycle of voltage and current) and pulse waveform. It is suitable for electroplating process with special requirements for precious metal precision electroplating, blind hole, deep hole and complex concave convex surface. Comprehensively improve the coating quality, make the coating crystal dense, uniform and flat, reduce the porosity, and improve the wear resistance, corrosion resistance, conductivity and discoloration resistance. In terms of precious metal precision electroplating, it can significantly save precious metal consumption and reduce cost.

In the process of plating through holes and blind holes with DC electroplating power supply, due to the less current distribution in the center of the hole, the uneven plating thickness of the hole wall will be formed, which is commonly known as "dog bone phenomenon". The double pulse power supply uses forward plating and reverse plating to make the dead corner of the metal surface flat. It is especially suitable for micro hole, deep hole and blind hole electroplating of PCB, precious metal electroplating of complex shapes such as IC lead frame and led support. Double pulse power supply can improve its deep plating ability, make the coating uniform and dense, and save precious metal consumables.(figure1)

Comparison of coating surface under the same conditions of pure DC, single pulse and double pulse(figure2)

Compared with the three power coatings under the same conditions, the surface of double pulse coating is the most flat and compact, with good uniformity, followed by single pulse. Compared with the former two, the surface of pure DC coating is not smooth enough and the uniformity is not good enough. Due to the reverse pulse current, the convex part and burr can be dissolved quickly on the surface of the plated part. The reverse pulse is conducive to thinning the actual thickness of the diffusion layer and improving the cathode current efficiency.

RDX dual pulse power supply uses a 7-inch high-definition touch screen man-machine exchange interface control system with complete functions. Compared with the conventional dual pulse in the market, in addition to the conventional pulse parameter control, it also adds the function of output history curve recording. The touch screen of this machine displays the historical data of power operation in an intuitive curve mode. In addition, the USB flash disk can be exported in Excel format, and the operation history and operation data can be viewed on the computer or mobile phone to help analyze the causes of product defects caused by problems of other equipment in the production line.

Positive and negative double pulse waveform